became a master blogging, learn blogging from beginning

hello everyone, in this post, we will teach about blogging, from beginning to advance what knowledge required to start, how to become a perfect blogger. and what mistake you cant do at the time of writing a blog master blogging.don't waste your time...

master blogging

lets first understand the some concepts

lets first understand a some concepts

Learn First Some Important Concepts

  1. what is a blog?
    1. basically in previous time. people are preparing as per their profession /user experience. that an old concept of the blog in today people are interested in explore. as per their knowledge and experience did he have this can be said blogging.
  2. what is blogging?
    1. in blogging any particular topic a user shares their experience as per their knowledge through posts. that particular step is called blogging.
  3. what is a blogger?
    1. anybody who can share their knowledge and experience through the blogpost it is can we said a blogger.

Types Of Blogging

 master blogging

now understand the following concept of blogging.

  1. Personal blog
    1. A personal blog is one kind of blog the writer can share their personal experience.
  2. business/corporate blog
    1. a business blog is a kind of blog which is made by a company for the sharing of their information on the product and services.
  3. organizational blogs
    1. the blog which is made by an organization for the sharing of their information can be known as an organizational blog. master blogging

what device should we require for blogging

 master blogging
Devices required to start a blog...

  1. mobiles
  2. pc
  3. laptops
  4. computer

anyone from that required for blogging. master blogging

follow the following steps to start a blogging

step 1. create a blog

now many people Don't know how to create a blog. creation of blogging should be free or paid. its depend on you which one you are Choosing. We all know paid one is better than the free one. master blogging

  1. create a blogging website using free.
    1. if you want free or for trial and for taking experience then go through blogger, or Wordpress and many websites providing these services.
    2. and create a blogging website.
    3. create a free

learn more how to start a blog

  1. or create a blogging website by investing a little amount of money.
    1. buy a domain .com, .net, .in .and many options you have to purchase a domain many websites provide a hosting website like hostinger, HostGator, cloud host, GoDaddy,siteground...and many websites provides hosting services
    2. purchase a Hosting, from any of the websites like Hostinger Or HostGator.
    3. Set up a website using WordPress or others. I suggest Wordpress because Wordpress is easy to use.

step 2. Add Www Before Domain Name

 master blogging
Add Www Before Domain Name...

  1. login to your WordPress dashboard
  2. go to settings ->general settings
  3. here you find the site URL without www.
  4. edit it and change the URL with www.
  5. then save changes.

step 3. how to set permalinks

  1. first go to your dashboard of your admin area
  2. then click the settings
  3. in settings appear a one permalinks, click on it...
  4. It provides many options for setting to set up your permalinks.
  5. I suggest setting up your permalinks with post names.

step to create your first post.

  1. go to the login page, login page of Wordpress, example
  2. after login to the page shows a dashboard and click post.
    1. then click add new.
  3. now create/write your first post.
    1. now write your first post on any topic which you are interested in.
    2. choose a particular topic on which you are going to write a post.
    3. then write a description, in your description, you can write each and everything about your blog in short.
    4. then the body part.

Step 5. then post it

 master blogging
Don't wait post it...

  1. then post it.
  2. Free Blogging Guide By roshan sir
  3. learn how to earn money

step 1


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