ways to increase sales best way to marketing your business

Hello, Friends, I am Gulshan Thakur, in this blog, I will show you how to boost your sales, how to find out your proper customer, where your customer meet, does it pay for your product and service ways to increase sales...

salesman aaya product laya,

consultant aaya solution laya...

ways to increase sales
Anything selling is an art .anyone can do that .with the purpose of earning profit...

selling is a rejecting process, in which a seller can reject most of the times... how can I am saying its a rejecting process ( if there are a bulk of 100 customers then only 10 buyers in it). only 10 are buyers 90 are rejected you. if you are rejected by us there had a problem in you, you are not selling your product in a proper way.ways to increase sales

Understand Such Concept To Double Your Sales

if a seller, directly wants to do sales then customer irritated by us or they can't buy anything from them, because the problem was the seller is trying to sell that type of products the customer does not he wants. so the seller will we reject. ways to increase sales

step 1.

  • help your customer.
  • do your work as a consultant, not a seller.
    • Examine the problem.is the ways to increase sales

helping customer means to know the problems

#1.how to help your customers?

it's a big question How to help a customer. helping customer means to know the problems, what they want and many other related problems and think if you are on his place what you can do .find out proper Solutions.

#2.Do Your Work As A Consultant, Not A Seller.

if you are finding proper solutions to Your customer's likes. then you are doing the job as a consultant not as a seller. or if your customers are liked your solutions then they will become your Repeated customers or as well as a permanent customer. why become a permanent customer because you are not doing a job of seller you are doing a job of Consultant. ways to increase sales

Step 2.

  • try to know what customer needs and wants.

ways to increase sales

previously we tell that if you are directly start showing product then the customer lefts, without buying anything...

#.Try To Know What Customer Needs And Wants.

if once you know the needs and of the customer then you will understand your customer. give a proper solution to a particular problem. or if you are prescribing any products then you cant tell uses of a proper product tell them proper benefits.

ways to increase sales

step 3.

  • know the decision-maker.
  • focus to build the relationship.

#try to Find the Decision maker of the customer.

many times the consumer does not come alone, the consumer can be an anyone, or consumer does not have a fixed age . like examples children are a customer but parents are a decision-maker. if you are a seller then target a Decision maker then your sales take place. if you can understand that points then you become a perfect salesman.

#Focus To Build The Relationship. with the customer.

become friendly, try to talks that type of words which your consumer wants to listen. listening builds your trust, ask costumer to tell you a question.

step 4.

Try To Know About Budget Bracket.

its a very Important steps of sales if you follow all the steps but if you cant focus on budget.

then your sales can not be taken so first try to know the budget then find out the proper solutions for them.

don't do that four mistake , your business will we boosted...

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