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hey, Guys "How you are doing today? am going to Enlighten you to how to monetize your websites or blogs. we have many options to monetize, but one of the problems is that all the people Don't know about that. all are doing blogging with the motive to get some earning. let's get started towards our topic. Google Adsense

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how monetize your website by putting adds on your website

here we will discuss how to monetize your blogs by putting adds on your website, there are many ways. Like Google AdSense and there many of the alternatives are available we will see all of them one by one. there are many of the company or marketing which giving the options to put adds on your website. how they will give you money. its putts ads on your website and generate such revenue for you. it's one of the best options. so let's see So Let's Move Towards The Topic

  • AdSense

alternatives of AdSense

  • Media. Net
  • adsterra
  • revcontent
  • adversal
  • skimlinks
  • popup ads

and many are provided are putting ads services on your websites. if you are Beginners or do you want to generate revenue then go through that. here we will guide you on how to generate your first revenue. AdSense is the best because its a product of Google, it's having many of the conditions then they will approve. let we can discuss about their condition like

content should not we copied from other website, content Negativity, and many things are to be come under the policy.

when we can use Alternatives Of AdSense

if you have applied for AdSense or not approved due to any reasons, then go through those alternatives. these alternatives generate revenue but not more as AdSense but all the alternatives are approved within a week.

let's know how to signup for Google AdSense

that very easy to set up ads and signup AdSense Account for your website here we will see how to signups for AdSense Account Step by Step. Within such click. let's move towards the topic. step 1 first signup your AdSense Account

  1. Open Your Search Bar And Search For Google AdSense
  2. click for signup
  3. then AdSense provide a form that you will fill a required information
  4. then your Adsense account should we created

how to verify google AdSense Account

verification of the website is the main function. without verification you cant put adds on your website here we will know how to verify AdSense Account to your website. let's understand in a very easy way, AdSense Giving You A JavaScript Code Here We Can Know Where To Put That Code.

  1. first step towards verification is open your dashboard area of your website
  2. then go to the HTML editor section of website and find head tag
  3. copy the javascript code from Adsense
  4. go under head section and paste that code and update it
  5. come to your dashboard area of absence and click on verify then your account should we submitted for verification. if you have verified fo Adsense then you will be notified from email via Adsense.

here we can see that how to verify your website with AdSense. after that we will discuss how to verify AdSense Account in WordPress. lets move towards the topic

How To Verify AdSense Account To Our Website in WordPress website

a big no of the internet is of WordPress. so you all are required to know about how to verify your website if you are a WordPress user. here we will help you with that let's move forwards the topic.

  1. in WordPress having plugins named google site kit which you can install and activate.
  2. under google site kit there should we options of absence activate it.
  3. fill up the required information and signup for Adsense
  4. and after verify your AdSense account with your website

for verification of AdSense account follow the following steps to verify your WordPress website with AdSense

  1. go to the WordPress admin area dashboard
  2. Click on Appearance and under Appearance click on the theme editor
  3. under theme editor go to the head section
  4. copy the javascript code from AdSense dashboard and paste that code under the head section.
  5. then click on update and go to the admin area of AdSense and verify and your application should be submitted for the AdSense. if you meet the policy with AdSense then you should we approved for showing adds into your website.

here we can see that how to apply for an AdSense if due to such policy if you are not verified then go through the alternatives and verify your Account with alternative AdSense. it will verify you within such period of time and you can start your first earning with that.

monetize your blogs by putting affiliates link on your website.

its one of the most popular way to monetize your blog or website, in affiliates how you can earn income here you can get Commission on every sale as fixed by a seller. there are many of the websites that are providing affiliates. here we can such of them.

  • Amazon, Flip cart,jvjoo Affialiate and many of the website is providing affiliates. apply for the affiliates and after approval, you should earn a commission on every sale.
  • insert your links in your website and start your earnings. if any transaction has occurred from your link then you should we get commission on it at a decided percentage

thank you here we have seen Monetization method for blogs how to get started with google AdSense.

if you have like then share us our blog. thank you we will meet in a next interesting topic & we will update that post soon

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