How to create a website using wordpress

hello everyone, in this post we will discuss about our website Appearance, SEO, Page speed, plugins and many things.

all the things which we will discuss in this post if you have done Successfully then your websites get popular in a few days. always made a website simple and Attractive. A simple web site always provides a great user experience, its impact your website. now let's move towards the topic.

images of WordPress website download from unsplash

how to set up website appearance in wordpress.

appearance denotes how your websites looks. website looks are depend on your themes and how you are managing your content.

now understand how to do that. we will guide step by step, so lets continue.

how to set-up themes in WordPress.

theme plays a very Important role. whole frontpage of websites depends on themes how to setup themes in WordPress step by step

  • lets first go to the admin area of your WordPress site.
  • then click on Appearance under the option is available Click on themes
  • their many demo themes are available but don't go through that, click on add new option
  • then many of the themes were appear on your screen.
  • those themes you would like first do a live preview and your website looks like that.
  • the last step is to activate it.

image of WordPress admin area of website

we have Knowed about how to set themes in WordPress now move towards the next topic

how to do SEO by using plugins free in Wordpress Website

many of the plugins are we can use for sEO let we will see the option. there are many options are available in WordPress. let see how to add it.

  • Lets First Go To The Admin Area Of Your WordPress website.
  • go to the plugins then add new.
  • search in a search bar SEO then you can see many options

plugin page in WordPress and SEO plugins image

  • add anyone from them you can see I have activated SEO Yoast and after activation fills the form which is provided by the SEO provider we will write a whole post on SEO so subscribe my website
  • now SEO installed to your website. now move towards the next topic.

plugins for Website

Plugins Provides A Many New Feature, But If We Can Not Choose A Better Plugins Then Your Website Should Not To Create A Great User Experience, Due To The unwanted installed plugins it will takes more time to load your website

how to add plugins in WordPress

  • Lets First Go To The Admin Area Of Your WordPress Website.
  • Go To The Plugins Then Add New.
  • add any plugins which you need for your website.

which Plugins should you add what its work

here we will we try to see At least one Plugin and discuss how it works

free plugins for increase Page speed speed

  • lazy load plugins-that plugins will increase your site speed and gives a better user experience
  • asset cleaner-That Plugins Will Increase Your Site Speed by giving you a options to stop unused activities
  • swift performance lite- its for clear cache
  • W3 total cache- its also for clear cache

free plugin for creates a Backups

  • wp time capsule- that plugins creates a daily backups for you. its helps you when attackers will destroys your site then you will restore your website from there.

plugins to track your user

  • that plugins helps you to track your daily visitors and there daily activity. its a free plugins you can use in a simple steps we will make a detail blogs it on future

plugin for improve your SEO for Website

  • sEO yoast
  • google sitemaps xml

that plugins to help you to do your SEO we will learn in detail in upcoming days so subscribe my website

plugins to make contents Table

contents table image of

  • lucky wp- helps to create you table content quickly

free plugins to reduce file size

  • smush- smush is a free and paid Versions plugins which helps to reduce your file size so your websites create a better user experience.

we have discussed about many plugins which creates a great user experience to our websites now move towards the next topic.

page speed

how to know Website page speed

many website are providing the services to know your page speed let see example

and many of the sites available on google who provides a services to know your Page speed

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so thank you, we have learned how to make a website from Beginner to advance so go through that and if you have any doubt then contact us we will guide you to achieve a better Results. if you have learned a website making skills then share my blogs with your friends and relative and thank you once again for reading this blog.


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