how to improve the page speed & SEO in wordpress/blogger

Hello Friends, In This Blog Post We Will Learn About . how to speed up your website because Page speed plays an important role in SEO. the better Page speed increase the chances of ranking. if you are a beginner then here is the best place for you. here we will learn from level zero.

here we will learn about many concepts and ways to improve Page speed. lets move on the topic...

How to speed up your website lets start

How To speed up your website
how to speed up your website

how much time takes by your site to load That's we can say page speed. Page speed gives a better user experience and decreases the bounce rate. many people Don't know how to increase & Optimized.

by solving all the problems which appearing to images our speed can we increase.

how to optimize page speed learn seo?

home of gt matrix on search engine google
How to speed up your website

today there are many tools to optimize the page speed. but the best tools are Page speed insights its tools of google which provide the service to optimize your page speed and the second tool is gt matrix it's also the best tools to optimize your Page speed. let's move towards the next topic of pagespeed.

  • Tools To Optimize Your Page Speed.
    • google pagespeed
    • gt-matrix

tips & tricks to increase your pagespeed.

images of dashboard of google pagespeed
How to speed up your website

here we can many tricks to improve your Page speed. if you can follow that steps then we will give a Surety that your site page speed will increase.

  1. use proper themes
    1. themes play important role themes decides how your website looks so if you want to increase traffic and pagespeed then try to use premium themes.
  2. how to use images to your website?
    1. images increase a database of your site and they decrease you're here we will understand how to use images in our website in detail so let's move on another topic.
  3. try to show limited post in your website
    1. more post takes more time to load your page and if you are showing less post to your site then its will take a limited time to visible within the audience.
  4. do not use many widgets and high sized widgets to your sites.
    1. widgets take time to load, and many of the widgets are made by using many scripts and languages and it's very long size then its take a time to load and affect your pagespeed.
  5. do not use so many plugins. and remove unused plugins to our websites
    1. if you are using many of themes which creates lots of databases and decrease a site speed. and some of the plugins we can not use and stored in our websites removed or delete those plugins
  6. which kinds of share buttons use.
    1. do not use share buttons which is made up of javascript because javascript takes much time to load your websites try to use share buttons which are made up of CSS. if we can follow that much then your pagespeed will we improved.

how to increase pagespeed wordpress

images of plugins in WordPress admin area
How to speed up your website

page speed impact on your SEO here we can discuss how to improve the Page speed of our website if you are a beginner then you can follow that steps and I will share my experience and views how I have increased my Page speed. and there are many benefits of pagespeed. pagespeed improves our performance in the search engine and it reduces our bounce rate and there are a lot of benefits of the pagespeed.

which plugins should we use?

its a great question here we will discussed if do you want to increase your website page speed then follow the following steps and increase your page speed

which plugins should i install for performance and seo

  1. Swift Performance Lite.
  2. lazyload plugins
  3. asset cleanup
  4. sssay social share
  5. table of content plugins

how to insert images in our websites?

screen shot of Webp converter home page

many of times people direct uploads images and its decreases their website speed so here we will see how to insert images on website so Page speed remains constant.

compile images before insert.

to do maintain the website speed of your website it is very important to maintain the size of the database of your website compilation of images reduces the size of the database. which would maintain the Page speed of your website. many questions have generated into a people mind the quality of the images will we destroyed, but Don't worry I am giving a compiler which cant Destroyed your quality use webp converter.

insert images indirectly

that ways help to decrease your database from your website. there are many website who provides the services of making of free blogs like BlogSpot how you can use by you first let's understand with step by step

  1. first make a Blogspot website
  2. then make a post and add all the images which you want to keep on your website
  3. and copy the image link and insert image via link in wordpress
  4. and last step does not publish blogger post only save as draft

this method will help you to decrease your database size and if the database size is Small then your page is load faster

home page of website

improve your seo learn previous post

screenshot of home page of website

how many posts do I will add on my website home page SEO?

in your homepage try to show less post, 5-7, large no of the post in your home page if have then its will takes time to load so you will try to keep 5-7 post in your home page. because fewer data will we decrease a time to load a website and it will give a better user experience. because a great user experience creates you as a brand.


widgets will decrease the page speed of your website. many of the widgets are made up of JavaScript and its take lots of time to load on your websites. so useless widgets which contain less size because that size will impact on your performance.

Learn more about how to increase pagespeed

how to increase pagespeed & SEO for blogger

in WordPress having an option to improve their Page speed by using plugins but blogger did not have that options this is the biggest disadvantage of so I am providing such tips and tricks which if you can follow then because you can see the results so let's move towards the topic.

images of blogger taken from google images

  • How To Insert Images In Our Websites? understand this topic that will help you so much
  • use proper theme for your website
  • do not use more Widgets
  • Try To Show Limited Post In Your Website
  • if you are using share buttons on your site then use that kind of share buttons which is made up of CSS not of javascript

follow that much instruction that will help you to improve your Page speed and seo. because we all know that Page speed Impacts on our seo

so thank you for reading if you need any help related to the article then contact us or contact us on social sites i am available to help and guide you.

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