seo khazana learn seo from beginning

Hello Friends, In This Blog Post We Will Learn About seo khazana. If You Are Beginner Then Here Is The Best Place For You, This Is Useful For All Those People Who Are Learning. here we will discuss some important topic about search engine optimization, if you are a beginner then also you can do in a very well.

there is only one problem is that if you are a beginner, it takes time we all know that without giving time we can not achieve anything. so let's start our topic.

seo khazana
how to know daily Traffic Result learn google Analytics

what is SEO Search Engine Optimization?

The full form is Search engine optimization, which can to we have done for rank our website/content into a search engine. with the motive to increase visitors or users to do get more Conversion rate. now let's see the types. seo khazana

the following types of SEO search engine optimization

  1. on-page Search engine optimization
  2. off-page off-page search engine optimization

which is done to improve the performance and to attract the visitors by Rank organic into the search engine. v

On Page on page seo tutorial

seo khazana

what is On-Page Search Engine Optimization?

On-page is one part of Search engine optimization. which is done at that time when we are making content/websites or optimising the home page or individual page to rank. we have seen in detail how to do On-page SEO. it is done to increase the visitors and views. on-page SEO applies to the's very easy to apply, here we will see every point about. how to do search engine optimization in a better way. let's learn On Page Seo Tutorial seo khazana

free plugins to do On page search engine optimization

there are many plugins available to do On page Search Engine Optimization

  1. rank math
  2. Yoast
  3. all in one search engine Optimization

and many of the other plugins are available in search engine optimization. we will explain how to do On-page search engine optimization using yoast. why yoast? yoast is one of the best plugins to do search engine optimization and its free we will discuss a each functions of yoast. its free Feature is also best seo khazana

Important things to know.

Thing To Follow for getting a better Results.

  1. create s e o based content
  2. page speed
  3. content management
  4. do not copy content from another site

how to do on-page search engine optimization.

here we will see how to do On-page search engine optimization. step by step seo khazana

step1.Keyword research

seo khazana
keyword research website

keyword research is the first things towards the search engine. Keywords are of three types. Longtail Keywords, mid-tail keywords, and short-tail keywords. there is a lot of competition in Keyboard research. there are many ways to Research keywords. in today competitive world there are many websites who are providing the services of Keyword research. like example ubbersuggest, ashraf, google keywords and many tools available for keywords research. seo khazana

  • Short-Tail:- short tail keyword consists of such word or name like example SEO, or search
  • medium tail keywords:-consist of more than one words or less than three Words. Like example:- search engine optimization
  • long tail:- Keyword consist of using many words like example title of any post, SEO, How to do? The best learning platform free

in short tail Keywords, there has been a large no of search Result in them but in short-run Keyword, there is a large competition. in medium tail Keywords, there is a less search Result but less Competition in mid-tail Keyword. In long-tail keyword, there is a short no search in search engine but there had been less competition in them. seo khazana

Step2.write keyword based title

seo khazana
image shows the Title and keyword focus Keypresses shows the keyword

the keyword-based title provides better performance in search engine. many of search engine plugins giving you an option to see your title score plugins like example Yoast and Rank math provides a title score if you can optimize in a proper way then there should be an increase of chances to perform better in a search engine.

Step3.write a proper meta tags

the images shows how to write meta tags in yoast
how to write meta tags and description.

what is meta tags? most of the peoples who Don't know about meta tags. the meta tag is a short description which explains a full content or blogs within a short word it is known as a meta tag. like example:- it's a short explanation about a content, information like content is about, purpose and many things should we explained in a meta description.

Step3.use meta tags in images

to do search engine optimization for On-page in a proper way there should we use proper meta tags in an image. its explain the image is about in short words.

Step5.length of content

content is a Central part of the search engine. search engine optimization is to be done to rank the content into a search Result. your content should contain At least more than 300 words or it's showing a particular meaning about your title

the following things should you follow at the time of writing of the content.

  1. to write a proper title for your content
  2. maintain your content length. try to write 1000+ words in each post
  3. your content should not be copied from any other site

and many things should you to follow at the time of writing the content.

off-page search engine optimization.

off-page SEO is an SEO which any actions should we did to increase traffic. outside of your website its can we said off-page search engine optimization.

learn off page seo in detail

i will make a special post on off page seo so now we will go through the next topic of seo

how to do using plugins SEO YOAST?

here we will see how to do Search engine optimization using a very popular plugins which is called SEO yoast.

how to do On page seo in WordPress?

step 1.install plugins called SEO yoast

  • how to install?
    • go to your admin area of wordpress
    • the go in plugins, add new
    • then search s eO Yoast, then download and activate this plugins

we have known and learned how to install s EO Yoast plugin in our website. after that you have to do some Important settings which I am going to give you, that helps you a so much to do On-page SEO. if you want to write a post and without writing or editing your SEO section of yoast then you should to apply that settings or you have an option to edit your title , meta tags and all things.

  • after the activation come to the yoast dashboard area.

dashboard area of seo yoast
yoast dashboard

in yoast dashboard area go to the configuration wizard and do some setting and do all argument as a yes. at the time you are writing a content you should write a content according this

what should you to do for seo at the time of writing an article.

some thing is to be kept in mind at the time of writing an post

images of seo in post
things to be do at the time of writing a post in yoast. let understand the each topic one by one

  1. Outbound Links- You Have Linked Other Site Its Called Outbound Link
  2. internal links- link your own pages or website internally .another post of that site
  3. key phrase in introduction- write key phrase in first paragraph of your post
  4. keyphrase length shows the length of your keywords
  5. write keyword density according to your post
  6. keyphrase in mete description- write keywords in meta description maximum twice
  7. key phrase in subheadings- write keyword in H2, H3 and many of the subheading according to your post length
  8. meta description length- it should be no more than fixed length
  9. write image alter text- write alt attributes for image to perform better
  10. text length- text length in your post must be more than 300 words
  11. keyphrase in slug- write keyword in URL

upcoming post

  1. how to do off-page SEO detail
  2. social media marketing

if you need any content then write in an comment section and if you learn anything from us or if you Don't understand any concept then contact us or connect to instagram or facebook

thanks for reading this article learn off page seo in detail from Beginning

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