The best way, How Create a Website Through wordpress

Hello, Everyone In This Blog Post We Will Discuss About How To Create A Website by using WordPress. lets go

in this post, we have discussed. how to buy hosting and domain and then we will create beautiful Websites. Those who Don't know about basic then go to learn my previous blog.

where we can get perfect hosting and website?

nice question is that where we can get a perfect hosting? hosting is the roots of the website, if your hosting is better then your websites create a great User Experience like loads fast and its will help in SEO. better websites create a great user experience. today there are many websites who provide a service of hosting choose anyone from the...

websites who provides a hosting services.

  • Site ground
  • hostinger
  • WordPress
  • HostGator
  • cloud host
  • Godaddy

many of the websites who provide the services of hosting. let's see how to buy a hosting. we will be giving an example through hostinger. hostinger provides hosting at a cheap rate and it provides better services if you are a Beginner then go through that.

Step1. Go To The Search Bar And Search Hostinger. In

how to buy hosting through Hostinger. landing page of Hostinger
landing page of Hostinger.In

there are many types of hosting

  • shared web hosting
  • cloud hosting
  • WordPress hosting

and many more options are available in hosting share Webhosting are cheap but it having such kind of limitation like space. and many more and its service are not great we will not recommend taking a shared web hosting it will not gives a better user experience to your user.

step2. click on offer than that plan appears.

hosting plan in or WordPress
offer page of

in a particular image, we can see a Hostinger. In the landing page there an offer is going on so click on that then the page opens and many of the hosting Plans you can see on that page. go through as per your budget or if you are a beginner or you have an investment then go through that premium web hosting or business web hosting. we are purchasing a premium web hosting plan.

click the plans which you want to buy . then the shopping cart opens with a many of the payment gateway methods.

step3.shoping cart of the hostinger

shopping cart of
shopping cart

hostinger giving you a many of the payment gateway methods. buy and pay from that which you are flexible. hostinger giving you a 1yr free domain at the time of buying a hosting. and check out your payment and choose a proper domain name for your website it remains the same in future. or its a brand name.

check out the payment and after. then fill the general form which will be provided by the hostinger. Now You Have to Know How To Buy Domain And Hosting After That Sign In To Hostinger. In to install wordpress to your website.

checkout form of here you will see how payment page looks

login to your hostinger to your website and go to mange hosting then that section you have seen that install WordPress. then install WordPress to your website and fill form and signup for the WordPress.

step 1 how login your website in WordPress?

  1. go to search bar and search
  2. then login page appears, enter your username and password which you have entered at the time of making your Wordpress account.
  3. and you have sign-in on wordpress
  4. then your admin section area looks like.

admin area of how looks word press admin area<br/>

in our next blog we will discuss about in detail about how to make website using WordPress

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