The easy way to set up your Wordpress websites/blog.

Hello, Everyone we have Discussed how to create a website using WordPress . in this blog we will discuss about...

learn previous blog The Best Way, How to Create A Website Through Word Press to know about how to create a website through word press from begining go to learn.

  • create a new google account.
  • how to put www Versions to your websites
  • how to publish a new post, page &permalink structure
  • widgets

and many more things we can see in those blogs. we will try to give that all information in a short, simple and easy way if you have any doubt then contact us we will try to solve your doubt quickly, let's go towards the lesson.

Create A New Google Account.

before starting a blog or website you should to we create a new Google Account with your brand name or website name. its should to us only for website or blog purpose. its help you to in future then you are selling a website or blog you should give him access of Gmail to a particular person and it helps in many more places. now come to the main page of wp. we have discussed all basic things in our previous blog learn them.

you can now enter that area by typing . www.yourwebsitename/wp-admin

image login page of WordPress<br/>

How To Put Www Versions To Your Websites under wP.

there are two types of Versions. its appearance at the starting of your URL structure in the search bar when the users search in the browser. let's know with an example, your Brand name is then how its appears in both the versons.

  1. a website with www Versions- www.Techrahul.Com, you will see in that website www is included with your website.
  2. a website without Versions- Techrahul.Com, You Will See In That Website Www Is not Included With Your Website.

how to put let us know about that

  1. first go to your WordPress admin area
  2. Then Go To Settings, Under General Settings

general settings image of wordpress

3. add www at word press Address URL & and site Address URL www before your brand name lets example:- you will see that www will appear in the website URL and do not forgot to save.

how to set up your permalink structure.

let us first know about what is permalink. permalink is a link which can see in an organised manner. like that you can see that after the brand name the post name appears many options are there to setups your permalink lets see. and after this setting all your content were specified in that versons

  1. First Go To Your WordPress Admin Area
  2. Then Go To Settings, Under permalink

image of permalink settings in WordPress

step3. you can see that in many formats your permalink structure will we appears in WordPress you can check all structure of URL Once by Applying & setups those which you are comfortable with so let's move on next things.

how to publish a new post and a new page

How To Publish A first Post

image of post  in WordPress  admin area

  1. First Go To Your WordPress Admin Area
  2. then click on post then add new
  3. then add title and after you will write your content then post it.

How To Publish page in WordPress

page is a things where users can shows their particular information, there are many types of pages are made on websites let us know about that.

  1. First Go To Your WordPress Admin Area
  2. Then Click On pages Then Add New
  3. then add title and after that enter a piece of information which you shows to the users through that page.
  4. and after publish them learn blogs from technicalsayan

images of post in WordPress admin area

how to add sidebar widgets in wordpress

home page of
Main page photo

what are widgets? you have see the image main page there are many things should we showed in a sidebars like recent post and subscribe us forms its called a widgets lets know how to add it to your website in wordpress

how to add widgets in WordPress

  1. First Go To Your WordPress Admin Area
  2. Appearance then widgets
  3. and enter it and add widgets which you have required

widget section of WordPress admin area

4. add Widgets in main sidebar which you have required

we have learned, how to add widgets lets go to

in our next blog we will discuss about how to set themes and plugins and how to maintain Page speed


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