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Jeet11 fantasy cricket app
Jeet11 fantasy cricket app

Hello Friends, in this blog post you will get to know about a new fantasy cricket app Jeet11 , This is a newly jeet11 fantasy cricket app its was recently launched by a company named sharechat. This is a new application so you all have a higher chance to earn a good amount of money from that easily. Because there I’s a less competition from other fantasy cricket apps like My11Circle  and dream11. We have get observed from many of months there I’s a high chances to win from newly launched applications.

Jeet11  is like other popular fantasy cricket applications like Dream11, My11Circle.  This is one of the popular jeet11 fantasy cricket app  which also only there little bit of difference of 19-20% . in jeet11 fantasy cricket apps you only had to create a team like other fantasy cricket applications, you only have to create a team from match lineups , before starting the match if you have come under a high rank then you could wind otherwise you could lose the game

In a later time jeet11 fantasy cricket application,  only having a few games but recently jeet11 app had addons a many of the games like football and game quiz and Etc. the one of the best thing of the jeet 11 application that would I like I’s  you can able to play the game without downloading the entire application only you have to registered on their official website and start your game . do you know you are able to earn from jeet11 by without playing the game a big question is generated in your mind? How it’s possible. Yes it’s TRUE it’s possible only by inviting your friend

Jeet11 fantasy cricket app that application had provided a lots of feature like other cricket application like My11Circle and dream11 jeet 11 cricket application provides a lots of unique features like other fantasy cricket application which attracts a lots so I was thanked write an article on jeet 11 circle

Jeet11 referal proggrame

we have told in a previous paragraph jeet11 fantasy cricket app is a new so it is obvious there should have an refer and earn programme from that fantasy apps you are able to earn a good amount of money because it’s a newly launched applications so its having a low competition so its increase a chance of winning and you are able to make a unlimited free paytm cash from jeet11 fantasy cricket apps

you are able to easily make money from jeet 11 applications by join and playing a paid contest and  joining a refering programs and etc.

To participate a paid contest on jeet 11 is like My11Circle.  If you can’t know how you can join a fantasy cricket application and make money. Then don’t get penalized you should know about that past and a later part.

If I talk about jeet11 fantasy cricket apps referal and earn programme then you have to read and understand full steps I would going to mention below

Refer and earn upto Rs 100  from jeet 11 fantasy cricket

  • First step towards to join jeet 11 fantasy cricket apps, download jeet11 app
  • if you don’t want to download applications then you should directly registered through jeet11 official website
  • you should have select a particular language
  • at that particular step you can fill the form and in that form you should enter a particular information like name , contact details or email adress.
  • enter the otp which you should get on your registered mobile no
  • then you should have successfully joined in an jeet 11 app
  • after joining in jeet11 you should get 100 signup bonus
  • if you want to earn more then start refering your friends and family and you have to earn more by doing this
  • If you can refer anyone then you can earn rs100 signup bonus on jeet 11 applications every time for a new referrals

Terms and conditions

As of how , I did not see any of cons in this new fantasy cricket app jeet11 because it I’s a newly fantasy cricket app jeet11 launched but we have noticed a lot of process that mean a better feature in that particular jeet11 fantasy cricket app which are follows

  • We received referral bonus of Rs 100
  • Instant withdrawal in paytm no kyc needed

But we all know one things which make this a newly fantasy cricket application jeet11 is better .if we can withdraw our signup bonus then nothing can beat this

If there is something, which anyone can not like in any of the fantasy cricket applications jeet11, If you are able to use your 10% of bonus in grand leagues only let’s see with example if you want to play a match of Rs 100 then you should only use 10% of bonus money and 90% should be your money you have to load from your bank account or its having a winning amount

According to the my opinions if apps Is provides a feature play with 100% of bonus cash then no one can beat this game

How to play on jeet11 fantasy cricket app

If you want to play a paid contest on in jeet 11 fantasy cricket app  first steps towards that is you should have join atleast any of the contest which entry fees Is equal to or not more then your signup bonuses. After joining you should have to create a team of 11 players. Your team should contain these requirements 2-3 all rounders , 4-5 bollers , 5-6 batsman in your team have then after calculating all the players they should be equal to 11 players.

Jeet11 Withdrawal Process

We have know how to play Jeet11 fantasy cricket and we all knowed that after playing we have to earn such amount of money then the question generates in our mind Is how to reedem that particular amount. At the time of redemption there should terms and conditions In jeet11 fantasy cricket app. How to reedem this Is a big question it  is a very easy process in jeet11 fantasy cricket app only let’s see

You have atleast Rs 10 amount should be required in a winning section no a big question should be created in your mind what Is winning section and where did the amount come.? The amount is come when you played a paid contest and wins a particular amount then that amount will goes under winning section amount

Redemption process

If your money is more then Rs 10  and less then 10000 then you are directly  eligible for for reedem money . if your winning amount is more then 10000 then you should be required to do a kyc needed should submit your pan card and withdraw your balance


hey in this post we have tried to cover all the topics which of fantasy cricket app jeet11 I have tried to do my best from my side. I have tried to explain little to little things about jeet11 fantasy cricket apps. and we have covered every topics if you have any doubt related to that then contact me at when we can see your email we will reply as soon as possible.


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