which of the following will you need to start an email marketing programme?

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Hey, I Am Gulshan Thakur I Am Here To Help You To Learn which of the following will you need to start an email marketing programme? The Ways And After Use To Target Your Sales. Beginners Always Facing Problem From Competitors, Because They Don’t Know About Those Concepts. So Let’s Started With That. Here We Will Learn From The Beginning. emails Marketing help to recall customer, remind customer, call a new customer. here we will learn, many the concept let us learn the concept HOW? to recall Customer, Remind Customer Or Call A New Customer. emails marketing can boost your sales by 4 times of your current sales, so it’s very important to know for you. so let us learn about emails marketing free…

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which of the following will you need to start an email marketing programme?
learn email marketing from Beginning to advance free

What Is Email Marketing? do you know…

email marketing in very simple words, the marketing which can be done through by doing mail which is called email marketing. in email marketing, there are lots of processes to implement. building an emails list is the primary process of emails marketing and after that process, we can see how to use that collected list. let our know-how to build an emails list. emails marketing can be used in both ways. if we are earning by doing business online or offline so it is very important to know how to build an emails list.

how to build an email list.

building an email list can do in many ways. here we will see how to build an email list if our business is online or offline. in offline business, it’s very easy to build their email list but in online it becomes difficult due to spams but here. we will see an attractive way to build an email list. let us go through the topic.

how to build an email list if business is offline.

we all know offline business have people always trust on them, due to Personal meetups so here building an email list become easier than online. but some of the people don’t know how to collect them. many ways to collect their email id let us see the ways.

  1. build the email list at the time of making bills. here many of the people directly gives you an email id
  2. build the email list through feedback form so people will enter their email Address on that
  3. make your email list through social media campaigns according to your location.

and many ways to build your email list if your business is online now see how to build email lists if your business is online.

How To Build An Email List If you are a blogger or a affiliate marketer.

we all know about that in now a times people are not ready to give their details directly. ever you have to think about why people have gone to give their email address to you. let me know the following ways how we can take from him. let us know the best concept attraction it will work for you and email list and conversions for you. let us know how to implement that concept

attraction is the best way, towards Conversion…

lets how to implement that concept. attraction means to attract people in any ways which you are suitable. let us see the many examples of attraction. for example:- provide such benefits with subscribing. like if you are a blogger and writing content on any topic, then provide e-books related that that topic. and show a massage register and get free ebooks.

so people will register, and give their email Address without any question. and it will create an attraction for a free e-book and you can do many things like 100% discount its attract the people.

how to build an email list if we Don’t having a website or offline business.

do you know you can also build an email list if you Don’t having a website. know how, build a email list by creating a landing page or google form and mention such interesting things so people will enter their details on it

  • create a landing page and post in social media and in many group in the social media. and you should build an email lists…

if you Don’t know how to build a landing page free then Don’t worry. I will make a detailed post on that topic subscribe that blogs. lets now continue our topic we have to know how to build an email list. after that let us know what to do with that list. we have collected many of the emails by applying that ways and many of the emails will we collect. after the process is sending a mail its the second process of email marketing.

we have collected many of the Gmail we can not send a mail each and every time one by one. in todays many of the tools are available for the email marketing. it will use to send a large no of email at a time. it will help to get interacted with many customers at a time. let’s see the many tools for email marketing.

tools available for email marketing.

tools are available for emails marketing. which can help you to sent a large numbers email at a time.

  1. MailChimp
  2. Constraint contract
  3. vertical response
  4. AWeber
  5. mailer lite
  6. drip, zapier and many of the tools are available for emails marketing

by using these tools you should only do by such steps. you should do your email marketing at once a click lets see with a Detail with MailChimp. mail Chimp is one email marketing company. which by using Mailchimp you can do an emails for yourself

how to do email marketing by using MailChimp

email marketing tool
dashboard of mailchaimp

MailChimp is an emails marketing tools which provide us services of emails marketing. here we can see how to get started with Mailchimp if you Don’t how to use MailChimp. the best place for the beginners so let get started with MailChimp… steps you should to be followed to get started with MailChimp

why mailchaimp? mailchaimp provides a free first 2000 mails and its having a lots of Features and its easy to use mailchimp providing the Features like creating the landing pages and many of the best Features are provide by the mailchimp.

how to sign up for Mailchimp

email images of mail chimp dashboard
signup page of mailchimp
  1. go to search bar and search Mailchimp
  2. then click on sign up
  3. then you should fill the required data into a form
  4. verify your emails id the link sent by the MailChimp. to your emails id

after that step your signup process will we finished and you should login your mail chimp account. and appear a dashboard where you can manage your mailchimp account

how to add Receivers mail Address in mailchimp

import contacts dashboard of mail chip email
login dashboard of mailchimp

here we can see how to send mail from mailchaimp account. we will see in detail follow the following steps

  • login to the dashboard of the Mailchimp account
  • first add the audience mail Address in Mailchimp account, follow the following steps ( dashboard of MailChimp-audience dashboard-click on manage audience-import contact)
  • import contacts shows the two options you should do through which you are flexible(import CSV file or copy-paste emails Address)

we have knowed how to add Receiver mail address then we can able to send mail. now last step is that how to send mail by using mailchimp

How To Send Mail By Using Mailchimp

page create an email  subscriber form
campaign Creation dashboard of mailchimp

in this topic of free emails marketing we will learn how to create mail mail in mailchimp, here we will try to learn with in a very simple steps know how…

  • come to your Mailchimp dashboard and then after follow many steps
  • click on create and then enter your campaign name
  • then fill the following information let we will explain with the help of image let us see
email campaign form

forms will Appear that kind of Information like to, from subject and content. what you should enter we can understand here so lets go towards the topic what shout we can write into we will discuss step by step.

how to create a mail-in Mailchimp.


hey before sending an email it is very important to know how to create a mail by using we have known how to create Campaigns under Campaigns Campaigns there are many options are available. many of the people don’t know what they should enter in that option. let us understand the points what we enter in that.

lets see what we can we enter into to

that refers who to send the campaign… Under that there are many of the options are available in that lets see the options

  • audience:- select your audience to whom you want to send a mail
  • audience segment tag:- here you can

under segment there are many options are available. If you select subscriber and audience then the mail will we sent to all the people. if you can select a group of the new segment under that you should create your own like example “welcome mail” and more options are available. like prebuilt segments here you can select any options from them. then you can see merge tag of audience.

  • merge tag of audience:– That Shows In Massage At The Top Name Of The Receiver (If I Will Send A Email To [email protected] Gulshan Is The Fame And Thakur Is The Last Name, If You Select “F Name” Then In Mail Shows Hey Gulshan & If I Select” L Name” Then Mail First Line Shows Hey Thakur Audience merge tag Represents) Select Audience merge tag As Per Your Choice
  • after that, you can let’s come to the subject…

what to write select subject line

a subject plays a very important role in the field of email marketing. try to write your subject line very attractively or your subject line should contain information like that, your Receiver can At least understand the mail is what about. because due to the shortage of time if many of the people only read the subject. if your subject is not informative then no one is gone to open your mail so write your subject line attractive and informative.

body part of mail

we all know about that body part represents the whole Massage. so try to make email interesting or informative. so people will enjoy after them. try to write your email that contains short words and lots of information in them.

what is one of the benefits of using templates for your email marketing campaigns?

there are many designs that are available in free in Mailchimp you should use anyone which you should require. let see the options which you have. save your email and do next and that set up, and if you have any doubt then do one test email on your Gmail. what is one of the benefits of using templates for your email marketing campaigns?


now we have known that how to create email Champaign’s why using MailChimp. after that let’s go to learn how to do automated the email marketing one of the best ways to target our audiences…

how to do email marketing by doing automation

hello, all the persons are want to do automation. in their business here we will learn how to do automation by using email marketing. here we will see how to do automate our email marketing by using the tool MailChimp.


there are many things which you should create automation your email marketing you can do such things like. by using this function you can do such great things and build a Personal relationship with them.

the things which you can do by using email marketing.

  • you can send a welcome email.
  • its use to reminding purpose According to need like for example(remind information related sales, remind information related to bills, updates ) and many things you can perform by using automation. let see with one example of how to create automation…

learn how to create automation email by using mailchaimp

here we can see with an example of automation mail for welcome to a new subscriber lets learn step by step…

  • first, come to the MailChimp dashboard then click on create then under create click on mail
  • then click on automation email than many of the options shown. then click on automation mail

then that kind of window are appear on your dashboard. in that window you should select single welcome email and after you select your audience. and then do begin. then this window will we appear in your screen like…


if you want to edit that page then edit options is available. or you can be able to send directly… you can edit according to you and run that Campaign’s. as per your requirement… there are many of the options are available on that like

  • send to new subscriber you should click on trigger then automate
  • and edit many things in that if you are a Beginner then start doing with following steps
  • how trigger helps to fetch information at a time directly from the website or if you don’t want to use trigger then you can do directly…

after doing all the steps click on the start sending then your automation will we runs directly. we have learned that how to create an automation you can create an all the automation by same way only such option is Different here you have selected a single mail and in of multiple automation you should creating an onboarding series its a premium series

how to create a landing page using MailChimp

hey, do you know Mailchimp are providing options to create a landing page. many of the people are wants to become or doing email marketing but they Don’t know how to create a landing. don’t worry if you don’t know how to create a landing page. here we will how to create a landing page from the beginning. let’s move towards the topic.

things should you can follow to creating a landing page…

  • create a MailChimp Account then login to your MailChimp dashboard.
  • click on create and under create click on landing page.
  • then opens a one form and its asked to give you a that landing page name and after enter name click on begin.
  • then choose a template of your landing page and after selection of template if you want to edit then edit then or save and continue.
  • and your landing page will we ready and landing page link should we generated and you can use it anywhere where you want.

in this blog we have learned about many things about email marketing from basic to advance. so here we will going to finished this post thank you for reading this post if you have any doubt then contact with us…

which of the following will you need to start an email marketing programme?

thanks for reading our blogs if you have learn any things from that then share and if you need any help then contact with us i am here to help you 24*7

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